Monthly visits to your property ensure that your lawn and landscape are always looking their best. At Agrowpro, we take a proactive approach to outdoor treatments. This is designed specifically for your landscape and will maintain that healthy lush look you desire, all while protecting your family and our environment. The Agrowpro lawn program will feed your lawn with critically timed nutrient applications, while keeping turf damaging pests and annoying weeds at bay. We’re the only lawn care company that will take care of your lawn just the way you would, and we do so while keeping your family and pets safe from dangerous chemicals.


Shrubs and ornamentals are treated regularly with fertilizers and preventative insecticides and fungicides. By doing so, we maintain the health of your landscape and your curb appeal. Also, landscapes that are close to the home being treated helps them from becoming harbourage areas for pests.


Due to our unique, year-round growing season in Florida and the never-ending pest pressures, we will gladly revisit your home to address any issues that may pop up between treatments. This promise, along with our proactive lawn and shrub program is how we can guarantee your satisfaction.


Key Benefits of the Service

Pest colony growth is responsive to our unique seasons and weather patterns in Florida. Using our vast experience in pest control, we can create a treatment plan that is customized to your property to ensure your home is covered. We are part of the Green Cove, FL community and are committed to providing the best pest control services in all of Florida.

 No Contracts
  A focus on Customer Satisfaction
 Proactive approach to lawn care
  Monthly visit to ensure maximum effectivness
  Fully Guaranteed
  Easy Billing
  Environmentally Safe

Our pest control experience has served the Green Cove Springs, Duval County & St. Johns County for many years. We live in our community and are very familiar with migratory patterns of pests in our area.
Our pest control team has a wide variety of experience with all types of pests. Whether it is termites, mosquitoes, roaches or bed bugs; we will have a plan of attack ready for you!
Agrowpro is dedicated to the customer service satisfaction in our community. We want to help you protect your real estate investment by proactively treating for pests.
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