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About Our Lawn Care Treatments

Monthly visits to your property ensure that your lawn and landscape are always looking their best. At AgrowPro, we take a proactive approach to outdoor treatments. This is designed specifically for your landscape and will maintain that healthy lush look you desire, all while protecting your family and our environment. The AgrowPro lawn program will feed your lawn with critically timed nutrient applications, control turf destroying insects such as chinch bugs and tropical sod webworms and keep weeds under control.

After Service Lawn & Shrub Treatments

Due to our unique, year-round growing season in Florida and the never-ending pest pressures, we will gladly revisit your home to address any issues that may pop up between scheduled treatments. This promise, along with our proactive lawn and shrub programs are how we can guarantee your complete satisfaction.

We Treat Lawns & Shrubs

Our quarterly tree and shrub program includes fertilization with micro-nutrient packed fertilizers to ensure your landscape is receiving the correct nutrients for healthy growth. We apply preventative insecticides and fungicides to the foliage and roots to ensure insects, fungus, and diseases don’t become an issue. By doing so, we maintain the health of your landscape and your curb appeal.

Key Benefits of the Service

We can create a treatment plan that is customized to your property using our vast experience in lawn care, termites, and pest control, to ensure your home is covered. We are committed to providing the best lawn care, termite, and pest control services in all of North and Central Florida.
No Contracts
A Focus On Customer Service
Proactive approach to lawn care
Monthly visit to ensure maximum effectiveness
Fully Guaranteed
Easy Billing
Environmentally Safe
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