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Our goal at AgrowPro is very clear to us, to protect your property and the people who trust us to provide the safest service possible. Since our inception, we have been continually learning and honing our methods to bring the best and most up to date termite, pest control, and lawn programs in the safest manner available.

We have experts in all aspects of pest control available at all times to assist in identification and planning in extreme cases of tough to eliminate issues. Continuous improvement partnered with industry leaders, what more could a customer need from their service provider?

Higher than our commitment to provide top-notch pest control, we are committed to giving 110% to our customer service.

Pest Control

Our Pest Control programs will handle any pest that becomes an issue to our customers. Each pest control visit includes brushing the exterior up to 10 feet. We then apply an exterior perimeter treatment to prevent insects from entering your home. We take extreme focus locating any and all entry points around the exterior so we do not have to come inside your home with insect controls. In the event that you do need us to come inside we will gladly do so with our visit. Our program is designed to prevent insects from coming into your home from the outside where the pests are, not treat for insects inside your home. We are more than just an exterminator, we care greatly about the environment and the beneficial insects that surround us. We target pest issues while preserving nature and protecting health and property. Our customers love when we come out and they enjoy the peaceful, pest free property until our next discreet visit.

Mosquito Prevention Services

The products we select for mosquito control are designed with your safety in mind. Our goal is to eliminate the issues while delivering a high level of care for our customer’s privacy and health. Our Mosquito Service is once a month between April and November for 8 services. Each service we look for and address areas that are shady and moist. These are the prime locations where mosquitos like to hang out. We also make sure to notify you of any water holding areas where mosquitoes can lay eggs and reproduce. In addition to your lawn we provide a barrier treatment around your doors, patio screens, and garage doors to provide a barrier where mosquitos will not fly into your residence.

We guarantee our service or we will return at no charge until the issue is resolved, the first time!

Key Benefits of the Service

Maintaining a schedule for pest control will help keep your real estate investment protected and make you feel more comfortable in your home. Our customer service focused technicians are able to quickly identify pests that may be lurking in your area. Whether it is termites in your walls, or mosquitoes around your lawn, we have a solution ready for your family!
No Contracts
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Integrated Pest Management
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Scheduled Exterior Visits With Interior Visits Anytime, If Needed
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