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Why Your Home Needs Termite Protection

There are many unknown facts and misinformation going around about termites and termite control. This is due to the fact that there are different ways of thinking when it comes to termites and how they should be treated and prevented.

Termites can be a costly pest and they have even been nicknamed the “Billion Dollar Bug” due to the amount of damage they can cause in a short amount of time. The fact that most homeowners insurance doesn’t cover termites should tell you how expensive and hard to control they are.

Items debated are often:

  • When do I need a termite bond?
  • What is a termite warranty?
  • What is better between liquid soil treatments or bait stations?

Key Benefits of the Service

Termites are one of the biggest pest nuisances in our community. They're colonies can grow exponentially in only a couple days, destroying everything in their path. However, by proactively protecting your home through termite treatments, you can protect your real estate investment and keep your family feeling safe!

  • Offering Sentricon with Always Active Technology
  • Lifetime termite damage warranty
  • Much safer than soil treatments
  • No booster treatments or large renewal fees
  • The safest and most effective termite baiting system on the market

Frequently Asked Questions About Termite Control

What Is A Termite Warranty?

Termite warranties are an agreement between you a termite control company that, for a set price, will protect you from termites and termite damage. There are different levels of termite protection. Some termite control companies will also stand behind their product with a termite damage repair guarantee stating that if termites cause damage they’ll even fix it.

Other termite protection companies don’t offer a termite damage repair guarantee and will only treat if there is a future termite issue. Be careful of the fine print of your termite control warranty to see what type of warranty you have.
Common words for these are:

  • “No warranty” which means after the initial termite treatment nothing is covered;
  • “Retreat only” which means if termites ever do come in they will treat and kill the termites but the termite damage repair is on you;
  • “Repair Guarantee” means that termites will be treated and any termite damage that needs to be replaced will be by the termite control company.

When Do I Need A Termite Warranty?

Often termite treatments on newer homes are the minimum required by law because the termite companies usually work for free for the builders to create future revenue from the homeowner. This is why it has been common practice to drill into a new homeowners mind not to ever change termite companies. 

Unfortunately, this can sometimes be an expensive mistake. Many people will get stuck into the trap of paying companies money each year just to say they have a warranty, but if termites do come they can find themselves fighting for help.

Sadly the termite control business has become more like insurance and is a numbers game. Then when you do have to file a termite damage claim they will fight you tooth and nail for any kind of help stating conducive conditions played a factor and many other items. If you don’t have an active termite control system around your home then you aren’t protected from termites whether its a baiting system or soil treatment.

What Type Of Termite Treatment Is Best?

At AgrowPro we advocate the Sentricon Colony Elimination System as the best method of termite control. The type of treatment that is the best for your home is dependent on the construction type and ecological impact each treatment would have. For instance, if you have very sandy soil and live on the water a liquid soil treatment would be a bad idea due to possible contamination. 

Also, soil treatments are only as good as a barrier so if the soil is moved around by dogs digging or landscape projects this can cause the barrier to fail. With that said soil treatments have their place and many still regard them as the best. 

Many people are switching over to baiting systems due to the advances in the products available. They can even report info from each station right to you with certain system types. Be wary of over the counter products that say they work. Many products including water will kill termites on contact but will not provide any long term solutions.

Authorized Specialist

AgrowPro is an authorize specialist for Sentricon and Termidor termite solutions. 

When it comes to your home, make sure you're using the best team with the best products.  
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