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Sportscaping Services

From NFL Quality turf to Golf Course putting greens and everything in between we love short cut turf! AgrowPro is the premier sports turf management company in the Southeast. We have turf management programs for every budget. Whether you’re a professional, or a little leaguer we can cater a custom turf management program to fit your needs.

Not only do we offer custom fertilization, and chemical application, but we have a full line of turf implements that are designed to improve your playing surfaces.


Adding sand to your field will help improve drainage and root depth. Healthier soils make for healthier fields! We offer bulk topdressing of sports fields and golf courses.


Compaction is a huge problem on sports turf not only for the health and appearance of the field but for the safety of the kids. We offer many different types of aeration, tractor driven deep aerations as well as ground driven slicers and core aerators.


Need to tighten up that canopy on your field and remove some unwanted thatch? We have a full line of verticutting equipment that verticutts and collects debris in one pass

Fraise mowing

Have a bumpy, thatch layer that needs to be renovated? We got you covered with our fraise mower. Fraise mowing removes unwanted thatch, and organic matter from your playing surface which also smooths it out. Healthier turf and a safer more consistent surface.

Laser Grading

Tired of all those puddles on your infield clay? Give us a call and we can help restore the proper grade to your infield surface! After we till it, and grade it we can condition it with our full line of Diamond Pro field conditioners!
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